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Specializing in helping you build, grow, and scale your land flipping business

Welcome to the one and only business growth jump start program that puts the pieces together in a virtual hands-on way, into a million-dollar strategy, ready for execution – no matter what stage you are starting at.

FREE 5-Day Master Class

Ways to Get Started

Stay at home mom- making big goals a reality

My name is Megan.  I'm married to an amazing guy (my firefighter hero), I'm a mom of two little girls, and I am now a business owner and flipping land full time from home. 

I've worked the last 10 summers as a class V Whitewater raft guide and instructor and I have loved every minute on the river, but when it came to contributing to our family's income, it just didn't cut it. 

In 2019, my mom (a realtor with an interest in investing) introduced me to the Land Profit Generator Land Flipping Method. I was a skeptical hard-sell, but with my options for generating income AND staying home with my kids being so limited, I figured I would give it a shot. 

That September, we went 100% all-in with the entire program to include one-on-one coaching to be sure we were on track, had accountability, and access to a coach who could walk us through the process. 

So far in 2020, I'm so thrilled to say that we have exceeded our goals for the year with net profits of over $135,000 and the year isn't over yet! 

This program works, the team is incredible, and the community is one like I've never been a part of.  I'm so glad I found LPG, and so thankful to Jack and Michelle for graciously sharing their expertise and making these goals possible for truly anyone to go for!

One on One


The components of Land Profit Coaching are:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly One-on-One LIVE Video coaching Sessions for 6 or 12 months

  • Regular new Video Modules for first 6 months

  • Get every question answered via unlimited email access to your coach

  • Flexible Speed of program (we can adjust to your speed (slower or Faster)

  • Free Access to our Investment Dominator CRM Software (free for 6 Mo.)

  • Ticket for the 2-day small group Land Maximizer Workshop (Online)

  • Brand new Weekly Group Coaching Calls

The Land Profit Generator Success Package

Everything you need to get started in land Flipping including the BEST CRM (I personally use) for running and integrating your business smoothly and having everything organized in one place. 



Investment Dominator CRM 

($2,000 Setup Fee Waived)

4 Months Free

Land Profit Generator (2.0 Online Access)

All my Letters, Contracts, & Scripts for Land Business

360 Degree Support

Land Profit Maximizer 

The one and only business growth jump start program that puts the pieces together in a virtual hands-on way, into a million-dollar strategy, ready for execution – no matter what stage you are starting at.

The Land Profit Maximizer program is a comprehensive hands-on package that includes detailed in-person guidance, and literally trains you on the entire land flipping process from A-Z, so that you can take this business from wherever you are today, to producing the money you always wanted to make.

What we are not: this is not a get rich quick program, or your average educational course. In fact, if you are looking for another course to purchase and collect virtual dust on your computer – this is not for you.

What Other Land Flippers in the Program are saying...

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

Jeremy Shick

I sold my second vacant lot today and cleared close to  $20K.  It took me almost exactly 2 months (Buy and Sell date). I have profited close to $30K in two deals part-time and I'm about to be 100% debt free because of it. This system works. 

Gaither Hendrix

I have closed 2 deals. One in May and this past Friday. I made a little over $59,000 on two deals following this fool proof system that is laid out in LPG. 

Kate Rose

Yay! My property in Nevada closed yesterday and the profit was wired to may bank account today - $15,600!!!

Stephan Galaviz

My favorite part of the deal!!! Receiving that FedEx envelope knowing what is inside. Thank you  Jack Bosch & Michelle Bosch for giving back the opportunity to learnfrom your land investing methods. With each deal I do, my vision and dreams grow cleare, stronger, and my inner voice grows louder with "it's possible"

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